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A Brief History

Tau Rho Beta was founded as morale and the standards of a common goal, “Music.” The date was December 18th, 2002, Brethren Terrell Bennett embarked on an idea, establishing musicians with the concerns of HBCU Bands and Choirs and their communities in which they serve.  The members would hail from the mid states pledging and fostering academically, musically, and spiritually. Giving just chance to teach, reach, and bond with each another and beyond.


Brethren Dion Houston and Vernon Lloyd Jr. stood as comrades beginning the branch of this elite mission.  The next year would be the true test of time, which has now, shown its benefits.  Sometime in the fall of 2003, another chapter was formed; the society began to make way.  By the end of summer 2005, four (4) more chapters had made the commitment.  January of 2006, the first Ladies were inducted, that following April came the first co-ed induction; thus shows expansion was indefinite.

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