National Officers Application

National Secretary

  • Responsible for Society records

  • Record minutes of all meetings-regular and board meetings

  • Committee reports

  • List of committee chairs and members

  • Society’s past achievement reports

  • Society’s past monthly reports

  • Copies of the Society’s current and past annual dues

  • Society roster having the following information for each member:

    1. Member’s full name, home address, phone, and e-mail address

    2. Date of birth

    3. Date of joining Society

    4. Committee assignments and offices held


National Historian

  • Keep a record or history of the Society’s activities and achievements

  • Take pictures at projects, socials, and special events

  • Preserve Fraternal artifacts 


National Sergeant-at-Arms

  • To maintain order at Society meetings and Society activities

  • To ensure communications for meetings

  • To ensure that members adhere to Society rulings, policies, and expected models of conduct when dealing with other members or outsiders


National Chaplain

  • Open all meetings with an invocation of Divine blessing upon the Society 

  • Eulogy should be delivered before the Society upon the death of any of its members

National Liaison

  • This person will help organizations or groups to work together and provide information to each other.

  • He or She will work next to the District Director and help be the voice for the Undergraduates.